Smart City technologies are here to increase quality at Breda Businessparks!

Platform BV Breda helps business parks in Breda with all sorts of things, amongst which digitizalization of infrastructure both in and around the parks. For his internship, Christiaan Ilsink is conducting a project using key technologies, referred to as “Smart City”, to explore digitalization possibilities.

Smart city concepts are usually known for inner city soft-and hardware solutions and introduce new technologies in using space and infrastructure. The challenge for this project is now transfering such solutions and new solutions into the areas of business parks!

With these “smart solutions” in business parks lights could be dimmed (when traffic is absent), traffic could be better organised, parking spaces could be exchanged, park-sharing could be developed, wi-fi could be used everywhere, grass could be mowed when necessary, and go on. Furthermore, new technologies could be brought into working areas. Thus, a lot of opportunities to explore!

In order to do this, Christiaan will be working closely together with the Platform and Gemeente Breda whilst discovering all possibilities for a Smart(er) City and advices on how this should be tackled!